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Running America

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

In November 2011 Dave and I ran the Rock'n'Roll San Antonio Half Marathon. It was the first of what was to become our goal of running a half marathon in every state. Now, nine years later we have 41 states under our belt. This endeavor has taken us to states, cities and locations small and large. Places that we have always wanted to visit and places that we didn't even know existed. It has given us a chance to visit both small town America and the big cities from coast to coast.

The map below displays those states that we have already run by color coding them to show the first 25 states in yellow and the second in blue. Below the map I have listed all of the half marathons that we have completed with a link to bring you straight to their website. I would love to hear from anyone that has already run any of these races or those who have it on their to-do list. Also, if you have any recommendations for the remaining states.

Our final 9 states are (in alphabetical order):









-West Virginia

Asterisk (*) denotes cancelled race

#1-San Antonio, Texas (Rock'n'Roll San Antonio Half Marathon)

#2-Port St. Lucie, Florida (Race for Research, Torrey Pines Institutes) *

#3-Columbia, South Carolina (Famously Hot Half Marathon) *

#4-Rachel, Nevada (ET Full Moon Half Marathon)

#5-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia Half Marathon)

#6-Mobile, Alabama (First Light Half Marathon)

#7-Little Rock, Arkansas (Little Rock Half Marathon)

#8-Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon)

#9-Denver, Colorado (REVEL Rockies)

#10-Dayton, Ohio (Air Force Half Marathon)

#11-Renfro Valley, Kentucky (Renfro Rock'N'Run Half Marathon)

#12-Las Cruces, New Mexico (Biggest Loser Half Marathon) *

#13-Nashua, New Hampshire (Moose on the Loose Half Marathon) *

#14-Old Orchard Beach, Maine (Old Orchard Beach Half Marathon) *

#15-Fall River, Massachusetts (Fall River Half Marathon) *

#16-Bristol, Rhode Island (Colt State Park Half Marathon)

#17-Thompson, Connecticut (Thompson Speedway Half Marathon) *

#18-Jackson, Mississippi (Mississippi Blues Half Marathon)

#19-Virginia Beach, Virginia (Rock'n'Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon)

#20-Jackson, Wyoming (Grand Teton Half Marathon)

#21-West Yellowstone, Montana (Yellowstone Half Marathon)

#22-Chicago, Illinois (Chicago Half Marathon)

#23-Memphis, Tennessee (St. Jude Memphis Half Marathon)

#24-New Orleans, Louisiana (Humana New Orleans Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon)

#25-Springdale, Utah (Zion Half Marathon)

#26-Napa to Sonoma, California (Napa-to-Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon)

#27-Savannah, Georgia (Rock'n'Roll Savannah Half Marathon)

#28-Hilo, Hawaii (Big Island Int'l Half Marathon)

#29-Olathe, Kansas (Garmin Marathon in the Land of Oz)

#30-Bismarck, North Dakota (The Bismarck Half Marathon)

#31-Keystone, South Dakota (Mount Rushmore Half Marathon)

#32-Atlantic City, New Jersey (Atlantic City Half Marathon)

#33-Rehoboth Beach, Delaware (Rehoboth Beach Seashore Half Marathon)

#34-Sedona, Arizona (Run Sedona)

#35-New York City, New York (United Airlines New York City Half Marathon)

#36-Woodstock, Vermont (Covered Bridges Half Marathon)

#37-Madison, Wisconsin (Rockin Brews Half Marathon)

#38-Kansas City, Missouri (Garmin Kansas City Half Marathon)

#39-Annapolis, Maryland (Annapolis Running Classic)

#40-Pinehurst, North Carolina (Pinehurst Half Marathon)

#41-Omaha, Nebraska (Omaha Marathon)

Happy Running!


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